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Cathy Ives is a Public Radio Consultant and Development Advisor for Greater Public (GP - formerly The Development Exchange/DEI). She was previously the Executive Director of Development and Major Gifts for New England Public Radio, 88.5 FM WFCR and All News 640 AM WNNZ in Amherst Massachusetts. Prior to that, she served as General Manager of Utah Public Radio in Logan, Utah. UPR is a statewide public radio network with 31 translators and broadcasts from Preston, Idaho to St. George, Utah. She has served as General Manager of KCPW, 88.3 & 105.3 FM, Salt Lake City, UT. Previously Cathy was Vice President, for New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR). Cathy has over 25 years experience in broadcasting including the last 20 years in public broadcasting.

In addition, she has worked on site with stations across the nation from Alaska to Florida, New Hampshire to Colorado and North Dakota to Louisiana. She has worked directly and personally with over 200 stations training in Sales and Marketing -in the past 8 years she has been affiliated with Greater Public (GP - formerly The Development Exchange/DEI).

Her New Hampshire Public Radio responsibilities concentrated in the areas of Underwriting, Management (SALES), Marketing, Special Events and national trending. You could hear her on the air during NHPR's semi-annual fundraising campaigns. Cathy worked for New Hampshire Public Radio for nearly thirteen years (beginning as "Director for Corporate Support" and being consistently promoted ultimately to "Vice President/Assistant Station Manager"), and before that worked for more than fifteen years in sales, marketing and management in commercial radio at stations: WFEA, WCGY, WOKQ, WLNH and WEMJ.

She led NHPR, a statewide public radio network, to be one of the first stations in the country to achieve the $1,000,000 revenue level in Underwriting and achieved this with an overall cume of only 60,000-90,000. Only eight stations nationwide raised as much as NHPR did the years she managed the department. NHPR is 196th in market size, but raised underwriting dollars, which placed them in at least the top eight (8) stations out of 400-600 Public Radio stations nationwide (depending on how you count the licenses).

She was the Project Leader for the PRUP 2 (Public Radio Underwriting Partnership 2) for and in the first two years the average increase from the PRUP 2 stations (59 stations nationwide from all different market sizes) was 101% - a total of over $17,000,000 (for all stations the increase was 18%). This a full year ahead of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's (CPB's) goal to double the groups UW in three years!!!!

Cathy Ives is an eight (8) time National award winning Underwriting Sales Manager and Development Director, including two First and an Honorable Mention in Corporate Support, a First Place for Community Outreach, a First Place for Marketing the station's program change to all news & information and a First Place for Overall Development.

She was promoted to supervise the Membership Department in 1994 and her innovative style of synergy between the Underwriting and Membership Departments was instrumental in the Membership Department winning the National First Place award for 1995 and 1996.

In addition she won the prestigious "Marketing and Development Professional of the Year" in 1998. In July (2000) she rounded out her awards with the national PRADO (Public Radio Association of Development Officers) Pioneer Award for extraordinary sharing of her expertise and mentoring throughout the public radio system. The PRADO Pioneer Award recognizes the individual "who most impacted the overall development of Public Radio stations nationwide". Therefore winning every national award for which she was eligible. She has been on countless panels at the PRD/MC (Public Radio Development/Marketing Conference), several at the PRC (Public Radio Conference) and was featured recently at the PBS Development Conference.

Cathy has managed several National/Statewide projects from her home; including the North Carolina and Indiana Statewide Underwriting Projects. She is currently managing the statewide UW project in Minneapolis (IPR/AMPERS) funded by CPB. She was retained by the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters, through a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to facilitate its statewide efforts for TV (PBS) stations and Radio stations for a Procedures and Operations Document.

She completed a project with the Baltimore stations (WJHU and WBJC) to produce a working document for joint underwriting efforts in that market. Cathy worked on a project with WBGO (Newark, NJ) to explore "Best Practices" and maximize underwriting revenues through a grant from the Ford Foundation, and was hired to do a similar project for KUT-FM in Austin, TX. She has shared her expertise in the national training manual "The Public Radio Guide to Business, Corporate Support Success" written by Linda Liebold and commissioned by CPB.

Some of Cathy's strongest qualities include her ability to train and motivate people at all size stations and markets to do their best. She has unselfishly shared her knowledge across the country. Though her "job" includes training and consulting Cathy has always gone way beyond her 9:00 to 5:00 responsibilities and mentored literally dozens of Development Pros for years.

Cathy Ives has consistently passed on the credit and has the respect of Programmers, General Managers and Development folks. Industry leaders and other consultants often ask for her counsel. Cathy is most known for her expertise in Underwriting but her passions include Membership, Special Events and Marketing. The most used term when describing Cathy is in reference to her integrity.

The reason Cathy is so often called upon for her "advice" is because as important as "raising funds" is to her she invariably considers every increases impact on station sound and the acceptance of the audience!!!

Affiliations: Currently on the Board of the Cache Humane Society and Chair of their Fundraising Committee and on the Board of the Stokes Nature Center. Cathy has served on the Board of Directors of The White Mountain Jazz and Blues Festival, The New Hampshire Music Festival, and served on their resources committee. Cathy served on the Board of the Lakes Region United Way and the New Hampshire Writers' and Publishers' Project. Cathy served two three-year terms on the Board of CONFR (CONtinuing Education in Fund Raising)and the Granite State Association of Nonprofits (GSAN) currently the NH Nonprofits Association.. She has been elected to the National Public Radio Association of Development Officers (PRADO) Board for a second three -year term. Currently, she is on the Planning Committee for the National Development Exchange conference to be held next summer. She is an April 1996 graduate of Leadership Arts and served on a statewide steering committee for the Arts Council in the area of marketing.

Many consultants in Public Radio base their advice on things they "believe to be true" or have the "research to back it up", Cathy's advice, ideas and training are based on solid experience doing the job and enjoying unprecedented success at a station for over a decade.

Cathy lives in Elloree, South Carolina with her husband Frank where they ride in their Mustang Convertible and play with their 4 dogs: Homer, Tucker, Riley & Foxy.

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