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Fundraising Ideas

All of these ideas have a few things in common:

  • Little or NO station upfront investment
  • Little or No station personnel time/work
  • High revenue potential
  • Respected former relationships with Public Broadcasting stations

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KUAC Women and Philanthropy

When working in Alaska at KUAC I did a presentation about findings regarding Women and Philanthropy.

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Late Night

"Late Night Copy Session" on Friday night that I do with JC Patrick from NPR and John Crigler, Attorney, Extraordinaire on FCC language and our industry.

This year was the 15th Anniversary of "Late Night UW Copy" at PMDMC with ringmasters JC Patrick, John Crigler & Cathy Ives.

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Copy Mardi Gras/Garvey Shubert:


Every year at the Public Radio conference there is a one day pre-conference academy.

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Major Donor and UW Working Together

I have been a participating member of the "Braintrust" since August 2005. A new area of concern in Public Broadcasting is the "Integrated Philanthropy" idea. Bob Stein, President of and I did an interactive session at the PRDMC in New Orleans about Major Giving, Membership, Special Events and Underwriting Departments working together.

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