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Following are some comments and contact information from a few stations I have worked with recently:

"I've been working in public radio for nearly 20 years and it's hard not to know about Cathy Ives and her amazing reputation. It's been only over the past year though, that have we have actually used her consulting services. I honestly have to say, Cathy Ives is by far one of the best consultants our station has ever worked with.

Cathy is both a creative and critical thinker. She brings ideas and people together in a very unique way. She is very hands on and always treats our station like it's her own. Cathy is one of the few consultants who has worked on all sides of the business (fundraising, underwriting, membership, events and on-air drives) and is able to bring her personal experience, knowledge, brilliant ideas and professionalism to all areas. She is intuitive and knows exactly when to sell an idea to management and when to back off. She is a cheerleader when you really need it most. And, she delivers tangible results.

Your station needs Cathy Ives!

Lori Miller
Director Corporate Sponsorhip
WSHU Public Radio
Fairfield, CT

I've been in the radio business for more than 35 years and many of those years were spent working with Cathy Ives. I worked with Cathy in the commercial radio world and the public radio world and in my opinion, no one knows more about Underwriting sales than Cathy Ives. She has a vast knowledge of the industry. She's an incredible teacher and a great motivator.

Jim McCann
Director of Corporate Support
NH Public Radio

Cathy has a lifelong passion for the work accomplished by stations across the country especially through her work providing corporate marketing/underwriting training to literally hundreds of public broadcasting professionals, significantly increasing station revenue across the country, and raising awareness about successful sales techniques. I've known Cathy to be a skillful manager who provides ongoing coaching, mentoring, training, team and individual morale building and motivation to create a cohesive and competent yet competitive staff, that works together to achieve their shared goals.

Martin Miller
New England Public Radio

If what you need is a good review of your on-air fund drive, if you're in need of new ideas to keep listeners listening during an on-air fund drive, if you're looking at how to reach an on-air goal, Cathy Ives will be able to review what you do and provide ideas for how to create and reach program goals, daily goals and the overall goal. She has the right ideas for community outreach and those "special" concepts that give the fund raising a boost.

Christopher Daly
Annual Giving Officer
New England Public Radio

Cathy Ives is one of a kind. She has a no nonsense, cut through the noise to get to the heart, and frankly cents of the matter while coupling that with her fresh, fun style and you get the one and only Cathy Ives. I only worked with Cathy for 1 year, but her manner of business and leadership qualities, as well her constant encouraging support left a lasting impression on me. I credit her training to my current success.

Beth Fox
Marketing Consultant
New England Public Radio

Cathy Ives is an innovator in fund raising techniques for public radio.

Peter Chilton
Brand Manager & Web Master

When hiring new Reps for your Underwriting Department and need Underwriting 101 training, Cathy Ives is the person to call. Cathy brings energy, fun and enthusiasm to her training sessions. A great over view training with years of experience to share!

Ruth G. Kennedy
Corporate Marketing Director
New England Public Radio

Cathy is a real team player. The is very important because on-air fundraising can be a battle between programming and development for on air "real estate". This wasn't the case when Cathy and I worked together. We made decisions collaboratively, with the audience and sound of the station in mind. Cathy wants listeners to enjoy fundraising and really be part of the excitement of making the goal. Fun is always foremost! I learned an invaluable lesson from Cathy: guilt and desperation have no place in fundraising. Cathy always says: "it's not about what people should do, it's about what they WILL do".

Helen Barrington
Public Radio consultant and former Program Director at New England Public Radio

Cathy is a superb team-builder, bringing her wide experience in the field along with the example of her creativity, enthusiasm, humor, and understanding to the formation of a successful, cohesive, mutually supportive group of colleagues. Her knowledge of on-air fund drives and underwriting is unsurpassed.

Janet Egelhofer
Major and Planned Gifts Officer
New England Public Radio

Looking to infuse some "fun" into your development program while also benefitting from years of expertise? Cathy Ives has had a career working for NPR stations, and broad experience with the essential components of NPR Development -- on-air fund drives, underwriting and events. Cathy delivered that and more in her work with New England Public Radio -- providing key support for our capital campaign, and doing a great job managing our team of Development and Marketing professionals.

Nancy Reeves
Senior Development Officer at NEPR

I worked with Cathy Ives in the development department of our public radio station, and I have to say the inspiration she provided to the station was extraordinary. She definitely helped us achieve our financial goals, but more importantly, she helped us find new ideas and new energy for fundraising.

Katie Wright
Producer of on-air marketing
New England Public Radio

Cathy is not only personally skilled and experienced in sales and management, but is also an excellent mentor and consultant. We brought her in to WUNC to provide sales training when WUNC wanted to expand its underwriting staff and take underwriting sales to the next level, and she has continued to be a mentor to our team for years. Her guidance is both insightful and practical. Cathy understands public media from all sides: its mission, its patrons and the benefits to businesses that support public media.

Jennifer Fusco
Experienced Fundraising Professional

Testimonials from Previous Years:

Cathy's visit here was just what KSKA/KAKM/APRN needed....actually we need some more of it. Sales staff, program staff, membership staff, and managers took part in her workshop "Underwriting: Back to Basics and Beyond". I hope to have Cathy back in the not too distant future.

Cathy is a hoot. She's engaging, knowledgeable, experienced, and she's fun. We spent time on audience, mission, prospecting, relationships, scheduling, copy language, customer service....and more. One great idea was followed by another; one great technique was followed by another.

The KSKA/KAKM/APRN sales/development staff has range of experience in public broadcasting from less than a month to more than 20 years...Cathy's workshop helped everyone of us.

Will Peterson
Development Director
Anchorage, AK
Will Peterson

In keeping with the sports quotes we have been sharing; I will use a quote from my favorite basketball announcer, Dick Vitale to describe our sales training: "IT WAS AWESOME BABY WITH A CAPITOL A!!!!!!"

Thanks again for all the help these past three days. Your sales training was incredibly informative and has recharged our selling engines !!! :) Thanks again,

Jerry Norton
Corporate Support
Amherst, MA

I completed two days of training from Cathy Ives.

From my consultative sales person's point-of-view, my time was well-invested. Not only did I learn tangible ideas to help me in new business development, but also I gained insight into how to develop myself professionally, beyond our boot camp.

Cathy's agenda was rigorous but worth-it. She was very diplomatic about keeping the side-chatter from trainees to a minimum so the larger group could stay focused. I was very lucky that my station paid for her time and experience. The cherry on-top has been she added me to her email list for additional tips and valuable nuggets of information.

Thank you Cathy!

Rachael M. Kriteman
Underwriting Executive
AM-1370--FM 91.5/90.3--Ch21 PBS TV--Reachout Radio
WXXI Public Broadcasting, Rochester NY

Thank you so much for the seminar you planned and presented for our company, Public Radio, KUMR.

I had hoped to meet you from the moment that I met you via Internet. You certainly did not disappoint any of my desires to learn more or be inspired to make my goals higher. Your knowledge, presentation, and handouts were all superb. I came away with answers and new creative thoughts with underwriting. But now you have created for me and others in the office an enthusiasm for underwriting.

I look forward to meeting you again and wish you well in all of your travels.

Karen S. Roberts
Underwriting Coordinator
Rolla, MO

Many, many more available upon request!

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